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Login and Register Gemscool Dragon Nest

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Gemscool Dragon Nest is an action RPG based on the 3D "Eternity" to develop its own engine and allows the graphics are very clear. This game is a new generation of action RPG that wants to provide a flexible and dynamic movement in your game.

This game is made by taking into account factors such as the movement of the characters, monsters response and the interaction with the surrounding environment. Players can use to perform a combo attack combos altogether - a dynamic a monster with a mouse and keyboard.

In Indonesia dragon nest gemscool available 4 new employment options, among others, Cleric, Warrior, Sorceress, and Archer. Every job has its strengths and advantages of each of these job skills.

Dragon Nest Guild system so that players can use to build a community with other players, make friends and family easier by the Brotherhood. Guild Name Character Name shown above, and the name of the Brotherhood.

Never be afraid to play this game, even if you've played this game, because if you are a true player who will adapt more rapidly and control characters that you choose to sail adventures dragon nest, point blank, or missing saga.

To start the drama and register / login gemscool Indonesian dragon nest online, please, that the official website with the url forum.gemscool


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